Pump testing

The pumping tests are a very reliable method to obtain the information used to investigate and determine the hydraulic conductivity, the transmission and the storage coefficient of a aquifer and establish the hydraulic behavior of a well.
The pumping tests can also determine the effects of pumping or reduction at groundwater level in other water resources. Together with the formation of part or confirmation of a design or recharging of the dehydration system.

We have the equipment, resources and the ability to perform large or small pumping tests, both in terms of flows and in the trial period. We can undertake the design of pumping tests, as well as drilling and installation of abstraction and monitoring products.

With the possibility of undertaking remote monitoring of flow levels and groundwater. We can work as a component for a larger site search package or as an independent main contractor.
There are some main components for the test:

  • Previous monitoring
  • Equipment test
  • consistent test of the head
  • container test recovery

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